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jellyfish STOOL

Inspired by the modern minimalist, the jellyfish stool is composed by fifteen pieces of delicate cuttings, which can be assembled in minutes without tools. No glue and nail are used. In spite the innovative appearance, the designer has made sure the stability and firmness of the chair is enough to support human weight, while the unique shape would go along with any living environment. The jellyfish stool represents the modern aesthetics while remain connected with the nature.

水母椅由十五块精致切割的部分拼接而成,极简而不失生动感,便于融入各类使用场景。其设计灵感来源于水母本身—— 水母是互利共生的最好诠释。并不擅长游泳的它们,经常要借助风、浪和水来实现优雅的舞姿。同时,由于形状独特,小牧鱼经常躲在水母的触手间,以免大鱼的侵袭。与其本质相同,水母椅的灵感生于自然,取材于自然,更回馈于自然。不同于以往座椅材质,水母椅不使用胶水、钉子等传统材料。其拼装过程不需要使用任何工具,几分钟内即可实现自由装卸。在保证舒适感的同时,更是为使用者提供了与大自然亲密融合的舒适体验。

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